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Terms of Service


  1. The administrator of this webportal is NappyFox.

Minimum age and Account

  1. A minimum age of 16 is required for the usage of this forum.
  2. Only one account per user. Double accounts will be deleted without comment.
  3. There is no legal entitlement to participation in the forum
  4. Every account can be deleted at any time without giving reasons.
  5. Inactive accounts will be deleted after six months. Inactive means not being logged into the account.
  6. Empty accounts, ie. accounts without any activity, will be deleted after three months.
  7. Pure porn- or spam accounts without any visible interest in the fandom will be immediately deleted without comment, including an IP-ban. We are a lively website with an active user base.


  1. This forum does not allow adult (ie. 18+) material


  1. No lewd (ie. 18+) nicknames!
  2. This is a diaper-/babyfur community, so there is no need to highlight this in your nickname.
  3. Fetishy nicknames (for example "diaperdragon", "diaperboy" etc.) will not make you more interesting for others and will not be tolerated.
  4. Be creative when choosing a nickname, but try and make it sound like something you might wanna be called in the real world. Names like "diaperass" are not allowed and will be banned.


  1. Do not use art you simply found on the internet and which might be used without the artist's permission as your avatar. This is especially true for furry art. You wouldn't use another person's family photos and tell people this is you, right?
  2. Avatars which are considered to be a violation of our rules will be deleted without comment.
  3. If you do not have an avatar or are not able to make one yourself, you can always ask the artists on the forum to make one for you (for a little compensation).
  4. No lewd (ie. 18+) avatars!

Moderation of the forum

  1. The supervision of postings is handled by assigned moderators, admins or superadmins.
  2. Any changes to a posting will be communicated to the user via PM (with the exception of minor changes such as grammar)
  3. The moderators oversee the compliance with our rules and code of conduct, as well as legality of contents and user accounts. You can also contact them in case you have a problem with a user or the forum in general.
  4. You are obliged to follow the instructions of the mod-team at all times.

Code of conduct

  1. Insults (both direct and indirect) as well as continued inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated on this forum and can lead to expulsion.
  2. The same goes for the intentional spreading of rumors, lies or texts which would lead to the humiliation of other users or which "disrupt the peace" of our forum.
  3. The decision of what is and what isn't and insult lies with the moderators and administrators.

Data privacy

  1. There is no entitlement to a removal of any sort of content in case of account-deletion.
  2. It is possible to use our website without disclosing any personal information. In case personal data (ie. names, adresses or email-adresses) is collected, it will be on a voluntary base. This personal data will not be shared with any third parties without prior expressed consent.
  3. This site uses cookies.
  4. This site uses third-party services from Google and other providers, which also coud collect data.

Contents of the forum

New threads

  1. Before starting a new thread, please use the search function of this forum (for example for tags, "@", keywords etc). There might already be a thread discussing your topic.
  2. Please use clear (ie. unambiguous) titles for your threads.
  3. Content is king! Excessive use of exclamation marks, question marks, bold font, etc. does not make your thread more interesting.

Contents of postings

  1. We believe in freedom of speech and expression in this forum, as long as you do not insult others or start discussions about illegal activities (for example, but not limited to, drugs, weapons, child porn, prostitution, zoophilia, illegal copies of intellectual property etc.).
  2. We expect a basic understanding of grammar and spelling from our users. That does not mean you'll have to be afraid of the occasional spelling mistake, but if texts are completely illegible, even though this could be avoided with a little effort, you will receive a warning.
  3. Please try and structure longer texts with paragraphs.
  4. Please try and do not "derail" longer discussions. We have an "Off Topic" section for this.

Links to other webpages

  1. Links to other forums, websites etc. are allowed, as long as these other sites are legal. In case the posting is deemed to violate this rule it will be deleted without further comment and the user will at the very least be given a warning.
  2. The posting of content from third parties (images, texts, audio files, videos ect) are subject to copyright law. Please make sure you are allowed to use this content beforehand (ie. before posting) and please make sure to cite the original creator.
  3. The following rules apply to images:
    1. This forum has an age restriction of 16+, therefore NO explicit depiction of sexual acts are allowed.
    2. Very light bondage and implied messy diapers are allowed.
  4. The following rules apply to photos:
    1. This forum has an age restriction of 16+, therefore NO explicit depiction of sexual acts are allowed.
    2. Bondage, as well as visibly full diapers are NOT allowed.